In Your Car

Better Mobile Signal While You Drive

If you drive through Sylva and need a better cell signal, we can help. We make it so that your car always has a solid cell signal. Drive at night? Drive through dead zones? Don't take a chance. Make your life easier and safer with our leading technology that secures a better signal for your car/truck while driving in and around Sylva, North Carolina.

At Your House

Better Mobile Signal & Internet

Of all places that a cellular phone comes in handy, home is on top of the list. Improve your cellular signal at your Sylva NC house with our proprietary expertise, many years of experience and exclusive cell phone booster equipment. Better signal means easier texting, quicker browsing and no surprises or dropped calls while at your house in Sylva, North Carolina.


Faster Internet with More Bandwidth

If you rely on satellite internet in Sylva NC then you are already familiar with the inconsistent speeds, long latency, and overall unimpressive service. Let us install cell phone signal booster equipment at your property and then connect a modem to it. This will provide you with fast, reliable internet with higher data limits for a fraction of the monthly price.

Business Solutions

Communication Matters Improve Your Signal

When it matters most, don't leave your cellular coverage to chance. We can help improve the cellular coverage in and around your office or warehouse (of any size) in and around Sylva, North Carolina. We use best-in-class booster equipment and methods learned through yours of gaining proprietary expertise.