Say goodbye to satellite internet. With our cellular booster installation, you'll have more reliable internet. Faster internet. More overall bandwidth. Not only on Tuesday morning when all your neighbors are not online, but on Friday and Saturday nights when people tend to be online the most.

Satellite internet has limited speed and capacity. It distributes all its capacity amongst all its customers. When 1 person is online in your area you get all the speed and reliability transmitted to you, but when 2 people are online you get 1/2 of it. With 3 people, 1/3. With 100 people, 1/100th. With 1,000 people, you get a tiny fraction of the internet speed and availability allocated to you.

Cellular signals work differently. Along with more reliable cell signal, you'll also have the option of getting tons of data at super fast speeds, like when you browse the internet on your cell phone. Stream videos, send emails, do video conferences, collaborate on projects, and more.

Say no to satellite limitations. Say yes to better bandwidth.

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